License Agreement – Brand It Social

License Agreement

As a member of Brand It Social you will receive monthly ‘content’ in the form stock images, graphics, templates, icons, text, videos, audio, digital downloads (but not limited to) for the following uses.

All copyright is attributed to Shannon Phelps at Limitless Possibilities.

You can use the ‘content’ provided in the following ways:

  • For use on your website, social media platforms and free and paid products considered to be part of your branding and graphic design
  • You do not have to attribute or credit the ‘content’ to Shannon Phelps, Brand It Social or Limitless Possibilities as long as you don’t claim the ‘content’ as your own creation
  • You can use the ‘content’ on products and services

You cannot:

  • Claim the ‘content’ as your own in any form
  • Use any of the ‘content’ to promote other stock image sites and services
  • Use the ‘content’ as a stand-alone product for sale or free offering either digital download or print
  • Sell all or parts or the ‘content’